Littley Bay
Role-play activity centre; a place for pre-school and early years children with playgroup, cafe and refreshments.
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Welcome to Littley Bay, the little town of play

Role Play is a serious business for children, Albert Einstein said ‘Play is the highest form of Research’ and here at Littley Bay we have tried to give little ones a platform to carry this out.

As local mum’s and educators, we know how vital those first 7 years are in a child’s development and their achievements later in life. We also know how challenging parenting can be and how recuperating it is to get a few minutes to yourself! At Littley Bay you can relax with a good cuppa and tasty treat as your child learns through play in a pretty coastal and locally themed play environment. #ourlittleybay

We have also created a small area for older siblings to chill whilst younger siblings play…although we find our own older children sneaking into the role play often! It just proves You’re NEVER too old to use your imagination!!

Locally themed role-play helps embed learning deeper and shows off the wonderful businesses we have in Whitley Bay.

Gemma and Michelle


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9 Marine Avenue, Whitley Bay, NE26 1LY
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9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Monday – Sunday

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