Where our adventure begins

Five years ago we had an idea! We wanted to create a coastal themed role play centre which celebrated Whitley Bay and gave children and their grown ups a place to relax, recuperate and learn through play.

Jump forward to 2019 and Littley Bay was born from family friendship and this pride in our area. We are two local mums who’s youngest children have taken off on their schooling adventures and so the time came to take the leap of faith. We are on a mission and we have worked hard to try and get this right for you, our customers!

We are combining our passion of parenting with our knowledge and experience in teaching to bring you a unique role-play experience that utilises a child’s rich imagination to provide a tool for children to flourish in life. The first seven years are so vital to their development which links to achievement in later life.

We hope we have created a brand that combines all of these aims, that celebrates our Whitley Bay, parents and our gorgeous little humans.

We want Littley Bay to be #ourLittleyBay and we can’t wait to welcome you, to listening to your views and to continually develop our play town to provide you with the best experience around.

Thank you for your support!

Gemma & Michelle

Littley Bayers

Littley Bay Play Guidelines

1. You’re Still in Charge: All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult who must supervise them at all times.Role Play is a great activity for allowing children to take the lead on creative play, so parents can take a back seat but please keep a watchful eye on your little ones as Littley Bay can not accept any responsibility for the supervision of your children. (we will be too busy making your coffees).

2. We operate a respectful and safe environment: We want to protect the innocence of little ones and operate a safe and happy environment for staff and customers to enjoy. Please don’t use vulgar language or bullying behaviour at Littley Bay or we may ask you to leave without a refund. Parties: We ask that you don’t bring in your own birthday cakes (without prior arrangement) .

3. Session times: Time flies when you’re having fun! If you find yourself at the end of a session and you have not yet finished your food or your little one is still eating, we won’t chase you out, we will only ask that you keep them out of the play area to allow us to tidy up.

4. Accidents can and do happen: We have tried hard to make our play cafe safe for everyone but accidents can occasionally happen. If they do, we are here to help. Please let us know should such an incident occur so we can report it and get one of our fully first aid trained staff to attend to you. Littley Bay can not accept responsibility for any accidents that occur when playing or due to a lack of supervision by the accompanying adult.

5. We have strict food guidelines: Allergies can KILL. we’ve all heard about the tragic incidents of illnesses caused by allergies and dietary needs. We therefore ask that you only consume food and drink purchased here and only in the dining area. Please Never allow your child to consume food or drink in the role play area as this could be life threatening to other children with allergies. We operate an allergy friendly cafe, Should your child be weaning or have special dietary requirements we are happy for you to bring food for them but please let us know so we can offer assistance in any way possible. We also offer allergy friendly food and can try to source specific items if contacted in advance of your visit. No sticky Chewing Gum please ….Its a nightmare to get off everything, thank you!

6. Help us keep things safe: We regularly check equipment for damage and remove broken items to keep everyone safe. If you spot something that is broken or damaged, please let us know asap. Littley Bay may have to make parents liable for any wilful damage caused to our equipment, please don’t allow children to break the toys and equipment. We cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to personal property whilst visiting us.

7. Buggy Park: Please park your buggy in the area provided and take all valuables with you. If you do need to bring your buggy in please let a member of staff know if they can assist.

8. Bookings are non-refundable: If you can’t make a booked session, please contact us up to 24 hours beforehand so that we can try and rearrange your session time.

9. Sorry: No unaccompanied adults allowed.

10. Protection: We operate CCTV for your safety and protection